Pastor Chris Oyakhilome the head of Christ Embassy


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If they were livestock, the singing sensation, Peter and Paul Okoye, aka P-Square, would probably be peacocks. The singing sensations, like the improbable creature and flightless bird, are so stuck on fame and their success in the music industry that they have begun to over-estimate their own worth. Pundits dismiss their persistent bickering and threats to break up as a pathetic plot in their desperate quest to remain in the news at all cost.


With its global headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, and followers in over 100 countries including Nigeria, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, the renowned global music and arts festival Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was the second edition of the biannual event and a Christ-centred artistic extravaganza of world-class gospel. In addition, a broad selection of gospel-inspired family-friendly events brought attendees together to help unearth, develop, and showcase a multitude of creative talent from music, to performing arts, crafts, and multimedia. The large attendance of young and old was also able to enjoy numerous activities in featured zones including the dedicated sports, youth, kids, seminars, and mega-carnival areas.

It is becoming irritating to music buffs to see and read news about the duo’s ploys to break up. If the brothers do not retrace their steps very soon, it may eventually cost them the love and respect of their teeming fans. There is no gainsaying the fact that they are good at what they do. Since their marriages to their respective lovers, things have allegedly turned awry between the twin brothers.