UK Bingo Sites


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Online bingo is growing at an alarming rate as land based players are now enjoying the game in the comfort of their homes.  The rise in popularity is in bingo sites part the non smoking laws that now prevail in bingo halls across the country. A large number of online players can also be engaged in other activities simultaneously as cards are automatically dabbed and winners are announced through computerized technology.

The UK has a long and proud bingo heritage stretching right back to the days of state lotteries held in the early 18th century, which attracted huge number of players. It is a testament to just how much enjoyment UK top bingo sites players get from the game that the land-based bingo industry here remains buoyant, despite the recent introduction of the smoking ban in the UK and the widespread provision of broadband internet services through the nation.

Many people who don’t play bingo or who have a dated perception of the game are unaware of the huge jackpots that some games offer.