money investment

money investment This exact question was asked of me just the other day. You would be surprised how often I get asked something similar. It has definitely been more times than I can count! We’re in an eventful time where the is behaving like a schizophrenic and interest rates are at record lows – again. (I’ve refinanced my house twice!) Low mortgage rates are great, but how do you actually make money fast in the ? In such an unstable market,investing may be a safer alternative for investors. investing allows investors to heir money, whether that be investing 10,000 or investing 100,000, with little or no risk, while knowing their money is not going to be tied up for long periods of time. The typical investment is expected to grow for several months, or a few years, and can be turned into cash or other when they reach maturity. (In the investing world, “long term” investments are really long term — often decades — which leaves room for investments that can still last several years.) Before I share the best for your money, I first want to share where not to put your money: the stock market. This can mean individual , mutual funds, ETF’s – whatever. If you know you need the money back in the the is the last place you need to be. Even if you think the market is down or your eyeballing athat has recently spiked lower than usual – it’s not worth it. Too much can happen in the that can wipe out your principal with little time recover. 19051