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Shares are an important part of an investment strategy. Being good in shares is about being informed, monitoring your share’s performance on a regular basis, keeping an eye on your goals and investment strategy and participating in ongoing education as you need it. Shares may also be referred to as stocks, securities or equities. What are the Risks and Benefits? will make you part-owner of a business. Shares can be a sound long-term investment to build wealth over time but are very risky to use in the hope of making a quick buck. Before you invest in shares, you should understand the benefits and risks, think carefully about your options and seek financial advice before you enter the market. unique visitors Potential capital gains from owning an asset that can grow in value over time Potential income from dividends Lower tax rates on long-term capital gains When you buy shares in a company, you are buying a part of that company. This means you share in the company’s performance in the form of profits which can be given to you as dividends and/or capital growth through the value of your shares increasing. Companies generally list on the stock exchange to raise capital for their company and to create a market in their shares. Companies you invest in benefit by using your money and that of other investors to finance their business or its expansion, without having to borrow money. 94068