best online stock trading

Best online stock trading.I decided to make my myself an online store (or virtual – as others say) to earn good money and easy … so I hear, they say others have earned millions. What does this mean? where you start, what do I do first? Well let’s take gradually to understand that involve virtual commerce on the Internet. Like any other store, real physical need above all to have a legal basis to be able to trade. So … 1. You open a company. This can be ptr started a PFA or SRL. In status company will aim business commerce (if you want to do shop online) and possibly import (if you want to sell online web products imported directly from foreign producers that you’ve found or will you find in time). Once you set goals your store online (whom I speak, who are my customers, what they sell, where I stocked’s competition, what price they have, what price am I …) and put in place the legal basis, pass the second step and turn when ’the city’ to see where you can find a ’good custom’ best. Immediately you should not rent a commercial space in which to deposit physical commodity stocks because you will not have too big (you can have a small stock of goods or not at all). But … you have a name of the store, ’a company more attractive’ … 2. Choose a domain name. This will be your online store address. The more shorter and simpler your domain address chosen for the store, the better. It would be preferable not choose your company name as a domain name, usually it does not express exactly what you sell. So you could choose ptr your site a name. 36169