How to get money

People want get rich quick schemes so gurus sell them get rich quick schemes. The schemes don’t ever work, but that is the way of the free market. Sellers materialise to meet demand. There are so many buyers of get rich quick schemes that there will always be new ones emerging. Lock your wallet away, they don’t work, they will never work.
The Make $345,000 a Day Plan might have worked for the person selling it, because he or she had access to 250,000 email addresses of people with open wallets looking to buy get rich quick schemes. You do not have those email lists. You do not have the network of affiliates who are going to promote your content for you.
The same people buy ”Plan” after ”Plan”. They assume they have done something wrong and buy the next one, thinking that will suit them better. The ”investment” is small compared to the potential rewards, but they would be better off buying lottery tickets!