Nokia might have a comeback with an Android phone, Nokia C1

Nokia, which has been silent for a while now, might be starting to shake off the smartphone market with its new smartphone called Nokia C1. If you can remember, Nokia seems to rule the mobile world with its Nokia 3310s and the mobile games like Space Impact and Snake. Back in those days, these games seem to be the most amazing mobile game. However, as other smartphone manufacturers emerge and bring the mobile world into a whole new level, Nokia failed to adjust.

Now, Nokia is under Microsoft and it seems the company is starting to crawl and redeem its crown.  According to a report from Mobile Choice UK, Nokia is currently in the process of doing a smartphone called C1. It is rumored to come with a 5-inch screen display with full HD resolution. And, it comes with an Intel processor and a 2GB of RAM. The handset falls in the mid-range category and will come in two versions in terms of OS: Windows 10 Mobile and Android OS.

Interestingly enough, Nokia should not be making any smartphones until Q4 of 2016. However, Nokia has already manufactured a tablet, Nokia N1, to get around with the agreement. And, like Google’s Nexus handsets, perhaps Nokia will just outsource the actual manufacturing of the devices to another company. In this way, the Nokia can also get around with its agreement with Microsoft.

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