blog marketing

Blog (short for Web log) is a Web site where entries are made and displayed in reverse chronological order. Why a blog for marketing? Is it really an effective marketing tool for freelancers? First, let’s present some fundamental things I hope we can all agree on.

On the professional side, a blog for marketing can give your company an identity and a “voice,” gaining visibility on the Web. It can generate word-of-mouth interest and display current work. It is a way for you to write about your work and tell the story behind it. It allows others to get involved with your work by leaving comments. Your blog can be noticed by the media bringing you requests for interviews. You can educate clients without being too preachy. A blog works well for creative professionals because it makes adding content to an existing Web site very easy and fast!

Designer Catherine Morley makes a business out of her many blogs and speaks from a professional perspective: “It’s a designer’s nature to be generous with advice to those requesting an opinion on difficult design or business matters. In forums, shared information is soon lost but blogs can be designed to keep the information upfront. So unlike forums, on blogs there is no longer a need for the continuous litany of questions such as ‘How do I deal with a client who won’t pay?’ or ‘How do I use contracts?’ Also, search engines love blogs because there’s usually a lot of specific topic-oriented content. A quality blog can be a major shot in the arm for driving traffic to your site and keeping in touch with your audience. Authoring a blog can help position you as an expert in your industry.”

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