After leaving my job due to a complicated pregnancy, I began to wonder what my options were to still make some type of money from home. The internet as I soon found is full of scams, and little flow of money in what few legitimate sources I did find. Eventually, with the right amount of research and thoroughly researching and reading reviews several opportunities began to arise. I realized quickly that I really could make supplemental income right from my living room! The answer? Blogging! I found that by setting up a blog on a popular and FREE blogging site, I was able to start writing about things that interested me. I found that there are several websites that ’ping’ our your blog to drive traffic to the blog. With some well places ads linking to other sites, and writing about topics that interested me I was starting to make money. Not only from my own blog, but with the experience I had acquired in my venture led to my qualification to write posts for money for other companies. It was a slow start finding the right avenue to make income, but once there I never looked back.

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